PayPal On-line Registration

The ALU is using PayPal for ILC 2012 registrations and hotel reservations. Please use the following links to add items to your shopping cart. Then use PayPal's Check Out when everything is correct.

If you have followed the steps below but are unable to make a payment for one reason or another, please send a note to the organizing committee describing your problem.

Advance Registration

  • Full
    Advance Full Registration
  • Daily
    Advance Daily Registration

Hotel Reservation

The ALU has arranged for a travel agency to book rooms at the following hotels. You are not required to book through the ALU, but be sure to book early – the conference is during a popular travel season.

Use the following items to add a room reservation to your registration. A travel agent will contact you a few days after your order is received.

  • 5 nights (2012-10-20 .. 2012-10-24) in a row
    2012-10-20 .. 2012-10-24
  • Fri Oct 19
  • Sat Oct 20
  • Sun Oct 21
  • Mon Oct 22
  • Tue Oct 23
  • Wed Oct 24
  • Tue Oct 25
  • Fri Oct 26

Excursion and Banquet

  • Excursion (Jidai-Matsuri)

    Note that you need no cost attending Jidai-Matsuri. If you'd like to have a special seat to spectate, add your cart the following.

  • Banquet

    On the evening of Oct 23rd, after the ILC has finished for the day, the ALU invites you to attend a special banquet. We will reconvene at a Mediterranean Cuisine where excelent wine will be served, and there will be (something) for entertainment.



  • Any donation would be appreciated to assist organizing committee.


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