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Franz Inc. provides a suite of Enterprise ready Common Lisp development tools, lead by the flagship products - Allegro CL® with AllegroCache® and AllegroGraph®. These highly scalable, database backed products provide an ideal environment to create complex, mission-critical applications that solve real world problems very quickly. Franz is committed to market-driven product development, the highest levels of product quality and responsive customer support and service.

Franz Inc. offers an innovative Common Lisp based Technology Stack along with expert knowledge in developing and deploying Common Lisp based Semantic Web solutions. AllegroGraph, Franz's high-performance, scalable, disk-based RDF Database, provides the solid storage layer for powerful geotemporal reasoning, social network analytics and ontology modeling capabilities for today's Semantic Technology applications. Franz's products and services are uniquely positioned to help bring your Web 3.0 ideas to reality.

Free versions of Allegro products are available from Franz's Download page. For start-ups, commercial, and research users we offer license packages with unlimited technical support at a very low total cost of ownership.


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LispWorks Ltd provides cross-platform development tools and consultancy for software written using ANSI Common Lisp.

Our flagship product, LispWorks®, is a modern integrated development environment. Its feature-rich graphical tools and unique cross-platform capability make LispWorks the ideal tool for Common Lisp application development and deployment. A free version is available for non-commercial use on the Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD platforms, and we offer affordable pricing for commercial use.

Our other products include the LispWorks ORB, KnowledgeWorks® and Liquid Common Lisp®. We also offer speedy, high quality technical support.


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Clozure Associates LLC is a consulting firm specializing in Lisp support and development. Since its formation in 2000, Clozure has provided services to clients large and small, using all the major Common Lisp implementations. In addition to experienced Lisp developers, Clozure offers Lisp-aware professional project management, quality assurance, and documentation resources.

A Clozure team, under contract with TERC, implemented InspireData, an educational software product. InspireData received excellent reviews (including 4 mice from MacWorld) and sold over 20,000 licenses in its first 6 months, establishing it as a leading Common Lisp application.

Clozure also sponsors and develops Clozure CL, an open-source Common Lisp compiler running on all major software and hardware platforms.

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