Lightning talks

We're looking for good short/lightning talks.

A lightning talk is a very short, more or less impromptu talk on any subject relevant to the conference. It can be on anything bearing on Lisp, Scheme, or related languages. It need not be on a profound topic or a research project. It can be as simple as:

The format is five minutes of talk (this limit will be strictly enforced---speakers will be cut off in mid-sentence if necessary) followed by two minutes of question-and-answer. Speakers may project images from a laptop; laptops should be connected and disconnected quickly during the two-minute question-and-answer intervals. Three lightning talks were accepted by the program committee and written summaries will appear in the printed proceedings; other lightning talk slots will be allocated at the conference registration table on a first-come, first-served basis.

There's a nice web page here about short/lightning talks and a and a longer one with advice here.

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