An In-Depth Look at Simple Streams


Duane Rettig




Take a walk through the Simple Streams design, as implemented  in Allegro CL.  Explore the nuances and rationales for the device-level generic-functions.  Learn to define new stream behaviors, via both encapsulation and specialization.

About the Instructor


Duane Rettig, Senior Software Engineer, holds a BA in Computer Mathematics from San Jose State University.  He has been with Franz since September, 1987.  Previously, he was employed as a Staff Engineer and a Manager at Amdahl Corp for 6 years in the area of hardware testing. prior to working at Amdahl, he  held engineering positions in testing at Memorex and Information Storage Systems (ISS), two disk drive manufacturers.  He has had experience in both hardware and software fields since 1973.

As a test engineer, Mr. Rettig wrote various compilers and Artificial Intelligence programs, including a Forth interpreter, a macro preprocessor for test pattern generation, a Guided Fault Isolation program to help technicians find defects in circuit boards, and a natural language English Grammar parser. While at Amdahl, he ported Franz Lisp (from UC Berkeley), Macsyma, and Allegro CL to the IBM 370 architecture.  At Franz Inc., Mr. Rettig has the responsibility of porting and maintaining the basic Allegro CL product and compiler on all architectures.