International Lisp Conference 2002

San Francisco Oct. 28th- Oct 31st 








This year’s conference four-day conference will be multi-themed in nature bringing together a rich diversity of knowledge and experience from the fascinating communities of Lisp & Functional Languages, Web Applications, Robotics & AI, and Bio Informatics all drawn from an international pool of speakers. We think the diversity of themes, experience and languages will provide a stimulating and enriching experience for everyone present. The official language of the conference will be Lisp.  Papers can be submitted in any of following categories.





Lisp and Functional Languages


*  LISP, CLOS & the MOP: Design & Implementation

*  Functional Languages: Design & Implementation

*  Comparative Language Analyses

*  Papers on Scheme, ML, Logo, Haskell, Smalltalk…

*  Papers on Java

Web Applications


*  Lisp-based Server Applications

*  Languages for Web Applications


*  Next-generation Web Applications


Robotics & AI


*  Languages for Robotics

*  Software Agents & Robots

*   Robotic Applications

*   Lisp & AI

Bio Informatics


*  Lisp-based Bio Informatic systems

*  Languages for Bio Informatics

*  Computational Issues in Bio Informatics



All papers should be submitted to the Conference Chairman, Raymond de Lacaze. Authors desiring to submit a full  paper should declare their intention by  submitting a title and abstract of their paper by July 15th, 2002. The actual paper submission dealine will be August 15th 2002. Papers should be submitted in electronic form as a PostScript or pdf file and should not exceed 15 pages in length.  Accepted  papers will be presented at the conference (45mn) and published in the conference proceedings. More information will be posted shortly.


Title & Abstract:

July 15th, 2002

Paper Submission:

August 15th, 2002




Jans Aasman, KPN Research

Jeff Shrager, Stanford University

Richard Fateman, UC Berkeley

Nancy Reed, University of Hawaii

Tim Finin, UMBC

Alberto Riva, Harvard University

Paul Graham, Yahoo Inc.

Hideto Tomabechi, CRL Japan

Kent M. Pitman, STD

Manuela M. Veloso, CMU

Christian Quenneic, Universite de Paris

Jon L. White, CommerceOne Inc.



For more information please contact Raymond de Lacaze